Debt Mediation

What do you do if the bills are stacking up in your business, but the figures aren’t? We have years of experience in negotiating with creditors, looking at payment plans, settlement offers and other informal arrangements that can help your cash flow without destroying the business you have built up. We can advise on all aspects of debt solutions for business owners.

Dispute Resolution

Lost in a mire of legal or contractual disputes? Finding it hard to get to the facts? We have spent years acting as intermediaries. We’re not lawyers, but we can help you to see clearly what’s going on and can assist in working out the best way of sorting things. You’d be amazed at what can be achieved just by straight talking.

Debt Recovery

Are your customers giving you cash flow headaches? For corporate customers we can act as debt recovery advisers, contacting your customers and seeking negotiated proposals to get you paid. We can also offer in-depth advice on the steps that can be taken if things get too far, and if legal action is the only option.

Business Planning

Whether you are a new-start business, a growing business or an established operator in the marketplace, we can help you plan for your future. We don’t want to give you a jargon-filled document that quickly gathers dust. We want to work with you to create a dynamic, adaptive plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Total Quality Review

Sometimes you need to step back and look at your business with fresh eyes. We want to be there to help you. We can look at the fundamental strengths and weaknesses in your business and work with you to create a strategy that allows you to be the best.

Funding Needs

In the modern-day economy it’s no longer who you know, but how you ask that makes the difference when it comes to funding. Our team has contacts across the funding community, from banks, private investors, venture capitalists and finance houses. We know how to ask the right questions, and the right time to ask them. If there’s a gap in your financial plans, call us and see what we can do.